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Snacktastic delights


Tomas and his friends find that having a dragon can make for some brilliant snacks.


Ted’s dragon is particularly helpful when it comes to making s’mores.



What is a s’more?



It’s a traditional camping snack. In its most basic form it’s a sandwich of toasted marshmallow and chocolate between crackers/biscuits.







But of course you can customize them all you want – which is exactly what the superhero squad do

Ted's fun fact #1


S’more is a contraction of the phrase ‘Some more’ as in ‘I want some more of those s’mores’!

Tomas’ Chocolate Ginger Jelly S’mores (makes 5)



You will need:


5 chocolate biscuits


5 ginger biscuits


5 marshmallows


5 squares of chocolate


10 jelly beans



Under the grill, in an oven, over a campfire - or with your dragon! – toast the marshmallows.


Put your toasted marshmallow on top of your ginger biscuit. Squidge two jelly beans into your toasted marshmallow. Top with a square of chocolate. Then complete the sandwich with the digestive biscuit.


Eat in private – it’s messy!

Ted's fun fact #2

The biggest S'more weighed 267 pounds. And used 140 pounds of marshmallows, 90 pounds of chocolate and 90 pounds of crackers!

Ted’s Bonkers Banana Bonanza

You will need:


2 bananas


5 marshmallows


1 bar chocolate


chocolate sauce



Carefully slice the bananas and cut each marshmallow in half.


Place a piece of marshmallow on top of each slice of banana. Add a square of chocolate.


Top with the remaining slices of banana.


Drizzle over chocolate sauce.



You can toast the marshmallows for these or eat straight from the pack.

The Ultimate Oreo Sugar Wham S’moranator   


- try it if you dare! (My son’s recipe)


(Please check with parents before digesting – requires serious detoxing afterwards!)


You will need:


1 packet of Oreo biscuits


5 marshmallows


I bar of chocolate

To accompany


Cookie dough ice cream




Syrup to taste

Dragon artwork used on this site courtesy of Sara Ogilvie (illustrator) & Nick Stearn (cover design)

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