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Dragon Songs

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Click here to listen to the first three songs:

Friday Afternoons Songs

In 2020, Joanna Lee approached me to ask if I was interested in working with her on some songs based on ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’ series. I was absolutely delighted and honoured – and if I’m honest rather terrified, having never written for songs before.


But the answer was an immediate YES PLEASE!


Not only because Joanna is a remarkable composer, but because the Friday Afternoons project itself is so wonderful.

‘The Friday Afternoons project is a Britten Pears Arts led singing project connecting teachers and young people with contemporary composers, through creating high quality repertoire, resources and training to encourage challenging and exciting music making experiences for all.’


How brilliant is that?!

So over the course of the lockdowns Joanna and I created 12 songs. Here's a little taste of what you'll find.

The world is full of magic
Hiding out of sight
All it takes is wonder
To let our minds take flight


Taking inspiration from the magic, wonder and warmth of Andy’s ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’ series, our songs take you soaring through a fun and engaging variety of music, text and movement. They’ll inspire you to sing, move and smile, to allow your imagination to take flight and to look for the magic in you and your everyday world.

From a lyrical lullaby, to a clapping song about friends sticking together, a parachute song that flies sky high, an up-roar-ious musical feast of edible onomatopoeia and an explosive beatboxing song we hope to…

Let your daydreams take you
Somewhere bold and bright
Let the magic blossom
Like a flower in the light

Whether you choose to use one of the songs or go big and include the whole school and perform them all, we hope you'll find something to suit any age or musical experience. 

Joanna's music is engaging, challenging, uplifting and fun. And I hope the words will be just as engaging and fun to sing. I have LOVED working on this project and hope that these dragon songs will complement work already done in schools around the books. 

The dragons love finding a home in classrooms and I'm constantly amazed by the creativity that teachers and their students bring to the story. 

Now you can sing about dragons too!

To find out more head to the Friday Afternoons Project website. 

The songs will be premiered and recorded by the fantastic Scunthorpe Co-operative Junior Choir and all the songs and teaching materials will be available for FREE from September 2022!

Three songs & the accompanying resources have already been released to whet your appetite!

Listen to them here: Friday Afternoons Songs

You can also watch a video interview with myself and Joanna. Click here to watch.

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