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Excerpts from a selection of reviews: The Boy Who Grew Dragons

‘A total delight from start to finish, a truly endearing debut.’ ‘This is so much more than a funny magical story, it is filled with so much warmth and love.’ (BookLoverJo)

A kind of Pete's Dragon with extra giggles, The Boy Who Grew Dragons takes on the rather hair-singeing challenges of finding that your grandad's garden has suddenly started sprouting fire-breathing mischief-makers and the illustrations by Sara Ogilvie really make it come alive (Waterstones Blog)

A warm-hearted and really fun story (Parents In Touch)

Imaginative and charming, The Boy Who Grew Dragons is a wonderfully whimsical story that kept me smiling the whole way through. I am convinced that this story is going to be hugely popular in primary classrooms (Books for Topics)

BWGD Chapter 2_2.jpg

'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' illustration ©Sara Ogilvie

An inspired concept, this is a funny and heartwarming tale of magic, family and friendship (Madge Reviews)


This is a sumptuous start to a new series, bursting with energy and humour, yet tinged with the darker side of life too. There's a grumpy neighbour, aware but preoccupied parents, an eclectic group of friends, a strange gardening guide, nomenclature of dragon pets - so many facets all covered and explored. A perfect example of domesticity interrupted with a touch of magic. Dragon fruit will never look the same again! (Minerva Reads)


Andy Shepherd's dragon-debut is an absolute delight and is just the very start to a series that I'm sure is going to be a roaring success. It's a series that - pardon the pun - I just want to drag-on and on and on! (The Reader Teacher)


‘A story guaranteed to put smiles on faces’ (ALibraryLady)

‘This is just what I need on my shelf for newly independent readers from year 2 up. It’s an absolute gem for this age group.’  Miss Cleveland is Reading

'Full of fun and lots of laughter...really touching relationship Tomas has with his little sister. I can't wait to put this in the hands of my kids.' A Little But A Lot

I’m so pleased that Andy finishes the incredibly successful trilogy on a huge high and to see the series go from strength to absolute strength. ... Laugh out loud humour with a bond between a boy and a dragon that’s irresistible to reada series that will be read and re-read over and over again for years and generations to comeThe Reader Teacher

Dragon artwork used on this site courtesy of Sara Ogilvie (illustrator) & Nick Stearn (cover design)
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