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The Boy Who Grew Dragons Bunting Long Pi

Andy Shepherd & Piccadilly Press

BOY_WHO_SANG W DRAGONS_final bluepurple.

cordially invite you to host your own Dragon Tea Party 

BOY_WHO_SANG W DRAGONS_final bluepurple.

On this page you can find:


Party Decorations


The lovely folks at Piccadilly Press have turned Sara Ogilvie's gorgous artwork into bunting. You can download it here to print off.

The Boy Who Grew Dragons Bunting Pic.jpg

You can download a book poster here

BWGD 5 A2 Poster.jpg

And there's a standee with Tomas & Flicker to cut out & decorate your table.


Download it here

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 11.36.14.png

Dragon snacks!

Jam tarts


Grandad always says family stick together, like the very best sticky jam tarts. Tomas imagines a vast plate-sized jam tart with different coloured sections like a multi-topping pizza. What's your favourite flavour? 

Dragon scales – (Crisps)

Dragons love ash - you could make some edible ash by crumbling brownies or cookies

In the second book, the superhero squad discover that dragons are a great help in making S'mores. Tomas' favourite is ginger biscuit and chocolate wafer combo with jelly beans sandwiched in the middle of the marshmallow. But you could create your own.


This is my son's latest creation. It's named The Overload!


The superhero squad plan to camp in Grandad's garden so they can catch some hatching dragons, and they make a list of provisions.


Ted's basic cake collection includes: 


Iced buns, currant buns, jam doughnuts, custard doughnuts, gingerbread, treacle tarts, lemon sprinkle fairy cakes, chocolate muffins, chocolate-chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate brownies


You may not need all these for your tea party! I wonder what you would choose? I love an iced bun. And lemon fairy cakes.

Being an ice dragon Crystal makes brilliant slushies and ice lollies. 


Dragon crafts.

Colour in a dragon mask!


This mask has been designed by the clever Cambridge Art Makers.


You can download a PDF of it here.

Or you could design your own mask.

Cambridge Makers mask.jpg

Design your own dragon.

What kind of dragon would you grow? You can print off the dragon fruit sheet here and draw your dragon inside.

Dragon fruit sheet screenshot.png

Games to play

We like to play games at our parties. Here are some ideas for you to try.

Pin the flame on the dragon


First draw a dragon, the bigger the better. Then draw some flames separately. Colour them in to make them even more eye-catching, and cut them out. Take it in turns to wear a blindfold and try to stick the flames as close to the dragon’s mouth as you can.

Jonas red dragon.jpg

Dragon Dash


This is our take on the classic chocolate dress up game. 

What you need:

  • A dice

  • Some old dress-up clothes
    - or dragon dress-up

  • A bar of chocolate

  • A knife and fork

Roll the dice and if you roll a six put the dressing up clothes on as quickly as you can. Then use the knife and fork to try and cut a square of chocolate. Not so easy with claws! You have until the next person rolls a six, then they get to try!

We have a lot of dragon dress-up but you could just use over-sized gloves as claws and a baggy jumper leaving the arms empty as folded back wings!

Dress up.JPG

Memory game

Say "My dragon likes to eat…" and then take it in turns to add to the list.


See if you can remember all the things your dragon likes to eat as the list gets longer and longer. You could even do it alphabetically.


My dragon likes to eat apples, broccoli, cardboard boxes, daddy’s socks… How long can you keep it going before you everyone forgets?

We hope you have a lovely time at your dragon tea party !

I'd love to see a picture if you want to share one on Facebook and Twitter - just tag me @andyjshepherd

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