Dragons love school!

Thanks to Jo Salmon for her fabulous display and message about the reaction to reading 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' in her school.

'the hype around the school was SO big that all the children from reception to year 2 knew about it and were hunting dragons! It was incredible - the book has sent ripples across everything.'

Thanks to Miss Williams from Airedale Junior School for sharing her wonderful display

'So many different subjects it lends itself to: guided reading, descriptive writing, art, DT. My class loved it this year and produced fantastic work from it... Did a lot of guided reading around it, description, letter writing, the children made clay dragon eyes and then did some descriptive writing by ‘zooming out’ and ended by describing the whole dragon.'  Miss Hopwood

Great job here by Year 3 at St George's Primary School on their instructions of how to grow a dragon

And some lovely work by the pupils at Terling Primary School with their instructions on how to grow a dragon. You can click on the image to download a pdf to see more of their work.


Thanks to Mr Corbett and the pupils at Wilton Primary School for sharing their amazing displays - and their instructions on Poo Patrol after some first hand experience in the playground! 

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