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The Boy Who Grew Dragons - a Piratey Adventure

Click on the video to hear more about a new mini dragon adventure and how you can get involved! 

To download a PDF of the short story for free, click here - happy dragon growing!

Pirate title.jpg

One of my favourite things about writing these books, is seeing the wonderful illustrations Sara Ogilvie does.

I'd love it if you illustrated this new story yourself, if you'd like to – you can draw pictures of any part of the story and put them in your print-out to make your own little book!

Here are some questions to get you started:

Could you design your own front cover for the story?

Maybe you could draw the dragons that hatch?

Or draw the treasure map they find?

I hope you have fun illustrating the story and making your own book from it. Here's a fabulous front cover by Dexter who is four years old. 


You can choose your own title too!

Dexter front cover @burkberry.jpg

My name is on the cover because I wrote the story and Sara's name is there because she did the artwork.


It's really important to credit the artist who illustrates your work.

So if you are adding pictures to the book, don’t forget to put your name on the front cover too!

Many thanks to James, Thomas and Ethan for their wonderful illustrations. I love seeing the words I've put on the page leap into life in a drawing. 

Artwork by James

@Oakclass2 James short story illo.jpg

Artwork by Ethan

@r_albrow ethan pic short story.jpg

Artwork by Thomas


Artwork by Jamie

KarenToomer twitter Jamie.jpg

Do you have any favourite books with pictures?


Do you know who illustrated them?


If you don't know, why not find out their name and a little bit about them.


Maybe you could see if you can find three new illustrators.


What do you like about their pictures?

You also need to think about the design of your book.


Nick Stearn has designed all of the covers for 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' series. It's important to choose colours that complement each other, but that will also stand out in a bookshop.


Can you see what other information you need to put on the back cover?


Can you write a 'blurb' for the story? Maybe you could ask someone for a quote?


Sue Michniewicz has done all of the internal design work - those wonderful burn marks and claw marks. 

Do you have any other design ideas for your book? 

For more resources -

including an activity pack with writing prompts and art & craft ideas, please click here

Before you go, if you'd like to listen to me reading the first book in the series 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' click Play.

Here are some wonderful treasure maps from the pupils at Scawby Academy North Lincolnshire

And they have written a back cover blurb for the story - fantastic work everyone!

Even parents have got involved at Scawby! Loving this treaure map.

Parent map scawby.jpg
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