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My dragon is called Glint

Glint's a very special dragon because he helps me write.


Like Flicker he is full of ideas. And if I am feeling stuck I know I can count on him. His sparks are like little fireworks that light up my imagination.


And when I sleep his warm breath carries ideas and pictures into my dreams so when I wake up I often have the answer to a problem all sorted.


He’s beautiful. All blues and turquoise and purple.  With deep amber eyes. 

Here's my drawing of Glint

I know what you’re thinking –


He is, isn’t he : )

But sometimes I do like a little bit of help.


Which is why the very talented Sara Ogilvie did all the pictures in the books. And all of the fabulous front covers too, which were then designed by Nick Stearn at Piccadilly Press.


Her squiggly lines and curly bits always behave very well.


Click here to find out more about Sara.

(By the way if you want a clearer picture of Glint, this is what he looks like as drawn by my two sons. They did a very good job and I think Glint would much rather you left with this impression of him.)


I love drawing Glint. The trouble is, although I know what Glint looks like in my head, somehow all the lines and curly bits don’t always manage to get out of my head onto the paper in the right order.


It’s like something squiggly happens to them along the way – and then they get all wibbly. And he ends up looking like a fish –  or a toaster - which he doesn’t like at all.


Mostly I don’t mind because I do really love drawing. And honestly, it would be a bit silly to stop doing something because we weren’t very good at it, wouldn’t it? I mean how on earth would we get any better?

Here's Glint riding a skateboard

And in the bath

Dragon artwork used on this site courtesy of Sara Ogilvie (illustrator) & Nick Stearn (cover design)

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