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So, this is me.

OK, so this may not be hundred per cent up to date.

But we all have to start somewhere.


I started on the Essex coast and, when I wasn’t dressed as a cowgirl, I spent most of my time sailing dinghies across wild and foaming seas, landing on uninhabited islands and narrowly missing vast frigates and sunken wrecks.

And when there wasn’t any water, I continued the family tradition of messing about in mud. Something I still like to do occasionally.

In my head everything was a story waiting to happen.


And not much has changed there.

I now live near Cambridge with my husband and two sons - in a house full of dragons. And when I’m not writing or dreaming, I spend far too much time wondering how to move this beautiful city closer to the sea. 

P.S I firmly believe there is magic out there, if you choose to look for it!

Dragon artwork used on this site courtesy of Sara Ogilvie (illustrator) & Nick Stearn (cover design)
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