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Grow Your Own Dragon

Just like Tomas and his friends, all the dragons in the books are unique. Although they do share a few similarities with the children whose hands they fall into. For example Tomas and Flicker both shine with brilliant ideas!


If you could grow your own dragon – what might it be like? Maybe you could draw a picture or write a description of your dragon.

If you email them to me here I can start growing a dragon gallery!

Here are some questions to get you started!

What would it look like?

Is it all one colour or multi coloured?

Maybe it has six tails each with a different tip, or no tail at all? 

What kind of place might it come from? Does this effect what it looks like and how it behaves?

What does it like to eat?

Does it have horns or spikes?

Would it have any special powers? What would they be?

Maybe it has wings like a dragonfly or wings that roll up or are super stretchy? 

What is it called?

Does it breathe fire or ice or something else?

Are there particular things it likes/dislikes? Is there something it is frightened of?

Sometimes I like to make up words or put two words together to describe something.



One of my favourite picture books is called 'Sylvia and Bird' by Catherine Rayner. And yes you guessed it, it’s a story about a dragon!

In it Catherine describes her dragon as ‘shimmershiny’

I love this! If I was making up a word to describe Flicker I think I might use:

Now, what do you think it might be like to live with a dragon?  And not just any dragon but YOUR dragon?


What problems might your dragon cause?


What excitement and fun might a dragon bring to your day?




Can you make a whole new word to describe your dragon?

Dragon artwork used on this site courtesy of Sara Ogilvie (illustrator) & Nick Stearn (cover design)

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