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Dragon-fruit trees in the wild

When our friend Norberto heard I was writing a book about the dragon-fruit tree he offered to send me some photos and help me find out a little more about this magical plant.


It was from him that I learned that dragon-fruit trees often grow high up in other trees. I rather like the idea that they can grow secretly, hidden away, just like the dragons in my story. 

Maybe you can spot one in this picture which Norberto sent me?

dragon fruit in tree.jpg

The dragon-fruit tree is a bit easier to spot in this one

tree in tree.jpg

These next few photos were taken by Norberto’s niece Arely, who told him they had a dragon-fruit tree growing wild near their house! Very kindly, she went out with her camera to snap some wonderful pictures for me. Thank you Arely!

Here is a fabulous picture of the dragon-fruit flower that Tomas sees while he's hiding from Grim in his grandad's garden.


""The vivid tendrils on one of the long green cactus arms of the dragon-fruit tree had parted. Nestled inside were the white petals of a flower. In the moonlight it seemed to be glowing,..The tendrils had spread into a star shape and the moon-white petals within had unfolded to reveal a golden heart."   (from 'Oi Stinker'  Chapter 17 of 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons')

And the most magical thing about dragon-fruit flowers is that they only bloom for one night!

flower at night1.JPG
emerging flowers.JPG

Some pictures from Arely of the fruit growing 

green fruit5.JPG
red fruit2.JPG

The dragon fruit growing wild in the field behind Arely's house

red fruit, emerging flowers and green fr
magnificent aspect of a plant living in

Look out for dragons!

(Photos courtesy of Norberto Cuevas and Arely Hernandez)

And here is a dragon fruit tree in the garden of my cousin's neighbour in Taiwan - looks like they'd better keep their eyes peeled too!


(Photos courtesy of Mark Revett)

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