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Fun with Dragons

Last year my sons drew me a dragon.

My eldest drew the outline and then my younger son painstakingly drew all the scales and coloured it in. It was one of those lovely unplanned things that can happen. And probably all the sweeter because it came from them just deciding to share a drawing one Saturday morning while tucked up in bed. I wandered in and saw it and fell in love with him. They of course had already moved on to other things and didn't see the big deal. But for me he was perfect and has become my own little dragon. His name is Glint and you can find a whole page about him on the website.

He has already found his way onto a tote bag and my clever friend Maekandoo has embroidered him onto a kindle rest. (I have very clever friends and thank her for doing a wonderful job, but also for bringing a kindle rest into my life - for someone with a temperamental back, kindle + rest = happy reader!)

So my latest addition is this wonderful stamp by the English Stamp Company. I can't wait to sign some books now!

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