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Keep Banging the Rocks Together

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to say that I am now represented by the lovely Jo Williamson of the Antony Harwood Agency.

I’m so glad that I held my nerve and went to the SCBWI Agents’ Party a few weeks ago! Believe me, I was very close to letting the nerves get the better of me – the thought of pitching to a room full of agents really did feel pretty intimidating. But it was such a great night and by being there I was able to submit my book to some fantastic agents.


I was delighted by the response I got and couldn’t be happier that I now have the pleasure of working with Jo.


Sometimes it can feel like it’s never going to happen. And trying to keep going when another rejection lands on the door mat can be a big challenge. I’ve found being part of  Suzy Greaves’ Big Writing School invaluable. Not just the inspiration it has given me but the support of a ‘tribe’ of people who are all going through it with you.


Connecting with other writers on Twitter has been great too, hearing about their journeys and the often circuitous routes to being published, reading their blogs about the ups and downs and the tips they’ve learned along the way – and most of all learning that they just kept going. When I announced it on Twitter I got so many lovely well-wishes from people which was amazing.


My husband kept saying – “The secret is to keep banging the rocks together, guys” (slightly mis-quoting our guru Douglas Adams) – and you’ll get there eventually.


And after today I couldn’t agree more.


Thanks again to the team at SCBWI for organising such a great event!

Dragon artwork used on this site courtesy of Sara Ogilvie (illustrator) & Nick Stearn (cover design)

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